Begineers Guide to Buying  a Bicycle

Begineers Guide to Buying a Bicycle

Rainy season is gone and winters are on its way. Its the best time to spark up your fitness devil and get back on track as year is about to end. There are enormous amount of questions that comes to our mind while choosing a correct bike. This blog will assist you to make better decision. There are few questions what you should ask yourself before making a decision.

Why are you Buying a Bicycle? There are different variety of bikes available in the market today which serves different purpose. Before Buying your first Bicycle it is very important to have a clear idea on where and how you are going to use your bicycle.

Consider asking you the following questions before buying a bicycle:
1) What do you want to do on your bicycle ?
Are you buying a bicycle for your occasional weekend rides, Daily Commuting, or planning to join a local road riding club, answering this question might give you a better picture on Choosing a Bicycle.
2) Where do you want to go ?
If you planning to take your bike on Highways on those Sunday morning rides or unleash your full riding potential then you should be looking at Road bikes as your first choice.If you are planning to take your bike off road to explore those beautiful terrains near your locality the you should be buying a Mountain Bike. If you are Planning to use your Bicycle for city Commutes you should be looking at a Hybrid Bike.

3) How much time or skill do you Have looking after a Bicycle?
Expensive Bicycles comes with expensive parts which entails expensive running costs and if you are not going to use your bicycle that often then it might be a costly investment. Expensive bikes are usually multi speed and these bikes can be a blessing with a curse, it can lead to a hefty bill if not maintained time to time. on the other hand single speed bikes comes with fewer parts so less maintenance and less maintenance cost.

4) Setting up a Budget
Without a budget, buying a bicycle can be a real challenge. budgeting will help you decide the particular brand and bike type to look at.

Choosing a Bike
Once you have decided on your budget and type of riding you entail to achieve the fun part begins. There are bewildering number of choices to choose from and we hope reading our blog would have made your decision easier.

Happy Cycling Cheers!
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