Buying yourself a Bike to shed that Extra Love around your Waist? GREAT!!.If you walk into a bicycle shop with zero or little knowledge about cycling the sheer amount of stuff is mind-boggling, You might end up buying a lot of stuff you don’t need and miss out a lot of things you actually need.

Here are some of the cycling essentials to start your journey with:

Helmet : An helmet is must, be it short or long ride, be it bustling road or technical trail. A good lid will surely help you prevent from serious head injuries. Market is flooded with cool looking helmets, buy anyone as long it is certified and fits you well. Stay away from cheap ones.


Lock : You made an investment in a bike, now make another one to secure it. A lock will help you to take those quick break to coffee shops, marketplace etc. without worrying about your bike being stolen. It is advisable to lock your bicycle with solid structure like pole, shop barricade

Hydration : Cycling is an aerobic sport, your lungs, heart and blood vessel all get a workout. Improper hydration will decrease your muscle work, so carry water to fuel your ride. Water bottles can be easily mounted on bike through bottle cage or you can also carry hydration backpack. Carry the required amount according to your ride short-or long.
Pro tip : SIP don’t drink.

Bottle cage : Bottle cage is composed of steel, aluminum, plastic and Carbon Fiber. Cage that grabs the bottle on rough road without letting it pop out is ideal. Sizes are standard which fits almost every bike.

Bell : Out of all modes of transport on land, Bicycle is the most neglected one. Invest in something which upon hearing paves the way for you.

Lights : Once again, of all modes of transport on land, Bicycle has the least visibility. If you are riding early morning or late evening lights are must not just for your visibility, but also for alerting vehicles and pedestrians on road.


Cycling shorts : Cycling shorts help you reduce saddle soreness. It provides cushioning in-between areas in contact with the saddle and your body, making your ride comfortable. The material(Lycra, Spandex, polyester) is resistant to perspiration which will help prevent rashes, chafing and keep you cool and nice.


Glasses : Cycling glasses provide protection not just from sunlight, but dust particles, bugs, harsh wind and rain, preventing from eye irritation. Glasses with interchangeable lenses are worth the buy so that you can wear them in any weather.


Pump, Spares and Multitool : Having these things alongside help you fix minor repairs, thereby ensuring continuity of ride. After all you cannot run into a shop every time you get a flat that too on a trail. You’ll just need some know-how to take care of bike.

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