Everything you need to know before buying a mountain bike

Everything you need to know before buying a mountain bike

Before we discuss factors to be considered while buying mountain bicycles, let’s first understand what is an MTB or a mountain bike?

A mountain bicycle is a type of bike which is designed in such a way as to make off-road cycling easier. They are durable, rugged bikes made for riding narrow off-road trails. Some features that distinguish mountain bicycles from others are wider tires. Also, the gear ratio is lower than a traditional bicycle, which is specially designed for convenience while riding on bumpy terrain. They are also heavier and stronger than other types of bicycles, which decreases the chances of damage from riding over terrain. The type you require determines the mountain bike price in India.

What are the factors one should consider before choosing an MTB cycle?

Before you choose an MTB cycle, you need to understand different factors that would affect your decision and plan accordingly:

The first thing which should be considered is where you’re going to ride the bike, i.e., the terrain. If you choose to ride on comparatively smoother and flatter roads, you should opt for a bike with lesser suspension and lesser gears. However, if you are more inclined towards off-road riding and often go for such rides, you should choose a bike more suited for that type of terrain and not a normal mountain bike.

It would help if you also understood which bike size is appropriate for you. It should not be too huge or too short. Here is an easy way to determine the bike size – one can try standing over the bike in the position of you riding a bike, and if there is ample space between your crotch and the topmost tube, it is the right size for your body type. The space should make it comfortable enough for you to ride the bike – ideally, at least two inches of space should be between the two.

The next factor to be considered is your budget. How much are you willing to spend on buying an MTB cycle, and the different features available in a bike determine the budget. These will be discussed while discussing the type of bikes.

There are four types of mountain bicycles available in the market, the first type being hardtail bikes that have more suspension forks and are the most affordable type. The second type is a full-suspension cross-country bike (XC) that is specially designed for high pedaling performance as their topmost priority and for riders that prefer climbing uphill to descend riding. The third type is trail bikes, and most people relate to it as this bike provides both climbing and descending bike qualities. A full suspension enduro bike is the fourth type of bike, which is a robust version of trail bikes.

And finally, what accessories are essential for a safe ride and additional accessories that can be bought as per one’s discretion:

A helmet, appropriate cycling shorts, and cycling shoes are among the bare minimum that one must purchase along with a bicycle mountain bike. In addition, to which other accessories that are available and can be bought are knee pads for extra protection, gloves to protect your hand from blisters, an air pump, bike lights for extra safety when riding in low-light conditions, and a tool kit.

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