Bikecart Review: Bikeark Roadie

Bikecart Review: Bikeark Roadie

Bikeark Roadie 

Brand: Bikeark is an Indian brand based out in Chennai. The company is build by few aspiring IITians. There fixie's have been in the market for few years and now they have recently introduced there sub premium hybrid series. we at Bikecart got the Opportunity to test ride Bikeark Rodie. Here are our thoughts about it.

Frame : 

Bikeark Roadie is build on a light weight aluminum alloy frame. The frame comes with a 72 Degree head angle Giving it a good road bike geometry. The Bicycle is made quite well with smooth welding and attractive colors. Bikeark Roadie  is ideal for someone looking to get there first road bike. The Bike comes in only one frame size which is 53 cm and can suit a lot of Indian demographics. The minimal but still attractive graphics on the frame makes the bicycle stand out from lots of its competitor brands .



Bikeark Roadie is equipped with Shimano Tourney Group set, seven speed Shimano tourney A07 at the rear and Two speed Shimano tourney tz at the front, which makes it a 14 speed machine. The bicycle comes with alloy Two  speed  Performance Crank from Pro wheel with 34/50 Teeth. During the test ride gear shifting was smooth and crisp.

Brakes, Tires & Handlebar: 

Bikeark Roadie  comes with compass 700x35c tires on the front and rear which are perfect for urban as well as road commute, making it a very versatile bicycle The bicycle is equipped with double disc brakes allowing rider to stop the bicycle in a jiffy . Roadie comes with front and rear quick release tires making it easy to mount and un mount  wheel in case of a puncture. Roadie comes with Road bike handle bar giving rider aggressive riding position. We were impressed with the hubs used on the Bikeark Roadie  as it comes with ceramic bearings making the bicycle very smooth and there by enhancing the riding experience.  we feel z star caliper brakes would have suited the bike better there by reducing the extra weight disc brakes bring to the bicycle.     

Expert Opinion : 

Bikeark Roadie  is a perfect beginner road bike and is built to last. Roadie is Equipped with Shimano A07 group set and an aluminum frame with perfect road bike geometry making it an obvious choice as first road bike. If you ride a mountain bike and would like to get a road bike in your garage without spending a lot of money Bikeark roadie is a correct choice .we feel if the bicycle came with alloy fork and caliper brakes it would have helped the bike to shed out a couple of pounds and making it perfect beast, Still if you consider the price at which it is been marked which is INR 32999/- it is a bang for your buck. 



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