Bikecart Review : Ninetyone Hurricane 26T

Bikecart Review : Ninetyone Hurricane 26T

Brand: Ninetyone is an Indian brand producing quality bicycles in India. The brand focuses on wide range of bicycles that appeals to young aspirants. All the bikes from Ninety one comes with Lifetime Warranty. we at Bikecart Got a chance to review Ninetyone Hurricane 26T and here is what we have to say about it. 

Frame and Fork : 

Ninetyone Hurricane
Ninetyone Hurricane is build on a durable high tensile steel frame. The frame is welded to perfection and can take whatever you throw at it. The bicycle is designed to be ridden in city terrains as well as mild off-road terrain making it an all terrain bicycle. The frame comes with attractive decals . Unfortunately there are no frame sizes to choose as it comes in one standard frame size. ninety one Hurricane 26T is ideal for rider height between 5.0 Feet to 5.7 Feet . The bicycle frame comes with one bottle cage mounting. Ninetyone Hurricane 26T comes with a tapered good quality rigid mild steel fork. 

Handel and tires : 
 Ninetyone Hurricane 26Tcomes with a steel handlebar with Length of 650MM . The handle bar comes with a slight raise giving the rider an uptight riding posture . The bicycle handle bar is fitted on an adjustable stem giving rider the leverage to adjust the handle height according to its comfort. Ninetyone Hurricane 26T comes with double wall alloy rims fitted with Hindustan 26x2.40 inch chucky tires absorbing most of the vibrations coming from riding on an uneven terrain. The chunky tires on the bicycle gives the bicycle its character and makes the bike look quite appealing.
Saddle :
The Bicycle comes with soft cushioned seat made on a hard shell Polymer Casing. The saddle is comfortable for short distance riding. Ninetyone Hurricane 26T comes with adjustable seat leaver making it utter comfortable for rider to adjust seat according to his/ her comfort.

Expert opinion:
 Ninetyone Hurricane 26T is strong and study all terrain bicycle . it is an ideal bicycle for someone looking to start cycling. The overall build quality of the bicycle is pretty good. The bicycle gives complete freedom to the rider in terms of handle and seat pipe both adjustable but the only drawback we felt was the bicycle didn't come with sealed bearing cartridge, which we feel should have enhanced the riding experience even further. 
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