Ninetyone Meraki S7

Bikecart Review : Ninetyone Meraki S7

 Ninetyone Meraki S7

Brand : Ninetyone is an Indian brand producing quality bicycles in India. The brand focuses on wide range of bicycles that appeals to young aspirants. All the bikes from Ninety one comes with Lifetime Warranty. we at Bikecart Got a chance to review Ninetyone Meraki S7 and here is what we have to say about it. 

Frame and Fork :

Ninetyone meraki S7

Meraki S7 is a new edition to Ninetyone electric bike lineup. The bicycle is very well made and comes with steel frame with internally mounted battery. Meraki S7 comes with well built Tig welded Steel frame with very attractive graphics. The built quality and fit and finish will give you a very premium feel. The bicycle fork is a typical mountain bike suspension fork with disc brake mounting made by ninetyone.  The suspension travel is around 100mm, the fork provides enough damping required for mild offroad and city riding.


Electrical Components: 

Ninetyone Meraki S7  Ninetyone meraki S7

Meraki comes with a power-full 250 watt BLDC hub moter from Ninetyone. The motors misses on the initial torque in the beginning , if we compare to it other brands ebike we reviewed but, you will definately feel the power in its midrange, which we feel has its own advantage. Meraki S7 comes with 6.3h ah battery mounted inside the frame giving a range of 18-35km. The bicycle also comes with smart LCD display which can be used to switch between different riding modes. Meraki S7 allows rider to enjoy 5 level of pedal assist. The pedal assist sensors are very accurate and will definatly help you with your climb. The bicycle also comes with accelerator if you would like to zip through the city traffic. Meraki comes with electronic lock to cut of all the electronic component from the bike allowing  you to ride it like a normal Bicycle.  All electronic components used on meraki are IPX6 approved, so can be used during rain. Although we would suggest to take preventive measures while riding in rains. 


Ninetyone Meraki S7

Ninetyone Meraki is equipped with double disc brakes, The bike uses electronic brake leaves which cuts off the motor as soon as you press the leaver, there by avoding any chances of accidents happening due to the movement of the BLDC motor. The braking on the bike was good and it allows you to stop the bike in the balanced manner. 

Groupset and tires : 
Ninetyone Meraki S7 is equipped with Shimano tourney 7 speed groupset. geares on an electric bike are always an added advantage as it allows riding to ride electric bike like a normal bicycle without any extra efforts. Ninetyone meraki uses 27.5" nylon tires from DSI which gives good traction on road as well as offroad. 

Expert opinion:  
If you are looking for an ebike that you could use for city commuting, ninetyone meraki S7 is an excellent choice. The robust geometry and excellent build quality all of this pared with excellent quality components will not allow you to look elsewhere. The 7 speed shimano groupset will defenatly be an addon which allow's you to ride this ebike like a normal bicycle if you run out of juice. All of this priced at INR 41000/- is an excellent option to consider if you are looking for a ebike from a well known brand. 

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