Bikecart Review : Revin Fixie

Bikecart Review : Revin Fixie

Revin Fixie

Brand : Revin Bikes is an new emerging brand.The brand focuses on manufacturing affordable bicycles in india. The brand sepecalizes in mountain bike and is been selling its products across india since 2017. Revin is entering into hybrid segment with its Fixie.  All the Bikes from revin Bikes comes with Lifetime frame warranty. We at bikecart got a chance to review Fixie from revin bikes and here is what we think about it. 

Frame and Fork : 

Revin fixie Roadie

Revin Fixie is built on revin's proprietary carbon steel frame. The Bike itself is quite light weigh.The frame size on revin fixie is 18.5 inches making it a Medium size bicycle, ideal for rider height ranging from 5.0 feet to 5.6 feet, although we feel a little bigger size frame could have made this bike fit a bigger demographics. The fork on fixie is a Steel tappered fork giving the bike a very good character. 

Handle and Tires: 

Revin Bike Fixie comes with road bike handle bar of 480mm giving rider an aerodynamic position while riding. The Tires are 700x23c sleek from compass allowing the rider to ride it with low resistance. These tires performed very well on both wet as well as dry Roads. The over all riding position is very comfortable although you will have to be carefull while taking it through some bad roads. The rims on Revin fixie is its USP Which makes the bicycle a head turner. 

Drivetrain : 

Fixies are Know to be ridden on a fix cog which enables it to go forward and backward with just a flick of a pedal, If you compare it with a traditional single speed bicycle which can go only forward. Fixies are ment to go in both direction thanks to its fixed cog. But on revin Fixie you can get the fun of both a fixie and a normal single speed bicycle. Revin Fixie comes with Flip flop hub which allows rider to choose there riding preference. Revin Fixie is equipped with a 16T single speed freewheel at the reared paired with a 44T steel crank at the front. This makes the bicycle very smooth and fast. 

Expert opionon: 
Revin fixie is a sleek and splended bicycle you will fall in love with instantly. the simple and elegant design paired with bright Alloy Rims makes the bike look apart.The bicycle is very light weight despite being a steel frame bicycle. The compass tires and the Drive train makes the bicycle very smooth on road which you would love to ride .If you are looking to get your hands on a simple yet a little different machine which will meke you nostalic at an affordable price you should definatley consider Revin Bike Fixie. 

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